George Earl

CPL Industries Limited is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of coal and biomass based smokeless solid fuels used in domestic heating. Alongside this core business area, CPL have a fast-growing activated carbon division.  My role will involve achieving a significant understanding of the key properties and characteristics of the activated carbons provided to me, such as pore structure and pore surface chemistry.  This knowledge is to be transferred into new and existing final application testing in lab, pilot and potentially industrial scale for existing and potentially new emerging markets.  The new biomass carbons will need to be compared to current existing carbons in terms of performance, cost and sustainability.  

Enzia Schnyder

I am working under the co-supervision of Ying Zhang (Synthetic Biology Research Centre) and Yanming Wang (Sustainable Process Technologies group), alongside my industrial supervisor Craig Woods (Deep Branch). My project aims to reduce the environmental impact of industrial biotechnology by demonstrating alternative feedstocks that are not agriculture-derived. To do this a wide variety of microbes, genetic tools, and feedstocks will be surveyed for their potential to produce the array of fermentation products on the market today. 

Robin Vivoli

Robin studied Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University receiving a BEng in 2021. He joined the CDT program in the same year, the host university being Cardiff University.  The industrial sponsor is Siemens Energy and his research will focus on converting gas turbines to run on hydrogen with the aid of additive manufacturing.